Winners of the 14th Miss Tourism International 2010 World Final (Barbie is Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International 2010)

Written by Gin Quesada

While the world was busy celebrating New Years Eve last Dec 31, 2010, the lone annual New Year’s Eve World Final pageant was holding its coronation ceremonies at the Grand Ballroom of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Fifty-six countries have been invited to take part in this event which was held in conjunction with a Special New Year’s Eve Countdown Party, making it the biggest ever in the history of the Miss Tourism International. The countdown was, so far, the biggest, too.

Fifty-five (55) candidates competed in the pageant and crowned winner was Miss Netherlands Nathalie Den Dekker. She was also awarded Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter.

A 21-year-old model, Nathalie graduated a Cum Laude from college and is now taking up Masters of Law in a Netherlands university.

She is a veteran contestant having competed in the 2010 Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International held in China last September bagging a place in the Top 20.

Below is the official complete list of winners for Miss Tourism International 2010:

• Miss Tourism International 2010: Netherlands, Nathalie Den Dekker
• Miss Tourism Metropolitan [1st Runner Up]: Australia, Holly-Anne Visser
• Miss Tourism Global [2nd Runner Up]: Venezuela, Stephany Gonzalez
• Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan [3rd Runner Up]: Philippines, Barbara “Barbie” Salvador
• Dreamgirl of the Year [4th Runner Up]: Mongolia, Borgoljin Bayarsaikhan

Top 10 Finalists:
• Estonia, Natalija Korneitsik
• India, Mahima Chaudhury
• Lithuania, Enrika Trepkute
• Luxembourg, Stephanie Ribeiro
• Malaysia, Gabrielle Boudville

Top 20 Semi-Finalists:
• Bolivia, Silvia Maria Wende Morant
• Finland, Linnea Eerika Anniki Aaltonen
• France, Aline Bourgeois
• Montenegro, Darija Sreckovic
• Panama, Maricely Gonzalez
• Singapore, Cheryl Wee Xin Hui
• Taiwan, Grace Zhu
• Thailand, Punnara Phoomcharoen
• Ukraine, Tamara Schitinskaya
• Zimbabwe, Chido Liberta Mushaya

Special Awards
• Best National Costume – Malaysia, Gabrielle Ashley Boudville
• Miss Photogenic – Venezuela, Stephany Gonzalez
• KL Sogo Trendsetter – Netherlands, Nathalie Den Dekker
• Miss Glamour – Bolivia, Silvia Maria Wende Morant
• Miss Fresh Face – Singapore, Cheryl Wee Xin Hui
• Miss Secret Charm – Venezuela, Stephany Gonzalez
• Miss Dazzling – Lithuania, Enrika Trepkute
• Miss Jade Goodwill Ambassadress – Venezuela, Stephany Gonzalez
• Miss Rejuene Meridian – Japan, Shizuka Ikeda
• Miss Charm Fantasia – Mongolia, Borgoljin Bayarsaikhan

Miss Tourism International was initiated by Datuk Danny Ooi, President and Franchise owner. It is more than just beauty pageantry. It is a forum to promote peace, friendship, harmony, goodwill, tourism, and cultural exchanges among participating countries through pageantry.

Organized by D’Touch International Sdb Bhd in 1994, the 14th Miss Tourism International 2010 World Final, had for its theme, “Peace & Love”, in view of the growing awareness of internationalism. The event was meant to showcase, as emissaries of their countries, the delegates’ affectionate, peaceful and caring nature to the world.

Having been in the industry of pageantry, D’Touch International Sdn Bhd has also been successfully franchising the Miss Tourism International title to more than 60 countries. The title is one of 3 developed locally. The other two are Miss Tourism Queen of The Year International which made its debut in 1993 and Miss Tourism Metropolitan International, inaugurated in 2007.

This New Years Eve event was sponsored by 14 Gold sponsors and 10 Silver sponsors.

Gold Sponsors
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa – official residence
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall – official shopping center
Poh Kong Jewellers Sdn Bhd – official jewelery
Sogo (KL) Department Store Sdn Bhd – official department store
Jade Homes Sdn Bhd – official lifestyle homes
Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe Sdn Bhd – official lifestyle cafe
Focus Point Holding Berhad – official eyewear chain store
Lumix – official camera
Rejuene (M) Sdn Bhd – official anti-aging products
Over Time – official entertainment bistro
Valentino Rudy – official business apparel
WWII Sdn Bhd – official timepiece
Kraftangan Malaysia – official batik
Unipress – official printing house

Silver Sponsors
Bmic Nail Spa – official nail spa salon
KAI Professional Make up – official make up artist
Thomas & Guys – official hairstylist
MayflowerAcme Tours Sdn Bhd – official transport
Langkawii Crystaal – official crystal trophy
Supermodel Studio – official photographer
Old Ipoh Worldwide Sdn Bhd – official coffee
Saijo Creation – official stage designer
World Dance Academy – official dance group
Marigold HL Milk – official health drink

~ gsq


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