Three-storey school rises from the ashes of Gabaldon

Written by JV

Wednesday, January 5, 2011, the green-and-white multi-wheeler truck bearing the first four pre-cast columns arrived. The columns came all the way from the casting plant at Bulacan to raise from the ground the 2nd phase of the construction of the new 3-storey building to replace the Gabaldon built in 1914 and burnt January 13, 2010, eight days and a full year ago. The P20 million Phase 2 refers to the supply, delivery and complete installation of pre-cast structural members (columns, beams, floor stringers).

According to Municipal Engineer Joel Desamito, the holiday season gave pause to Phase 2 which actually started December 5 last month following the completion of the P6 million Phase 1. This provided for the footing foundation works which was, in turn, began August 2. Part of the finished footing can be seen in the foreground of the picture taken above with the Caballero schoolgate and the truck as background.

Download complete story with pictures


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