Municipio adds on another wing!

by Jing Villamil

To provide more room to house its frontline community services, the Municipio adds unto itself another wing. The add-on enlarges the space used by the Municipal Social Welfare Department office, the Human Resource Management Office and two other major departments to be decided on at a later date.

The new left or south wing balances the front facade of the Executive Building with that of the right or north wing. Their constructions separated by a year, both wings were blessed the same time and day, January 13, by Bishop Jacinto Agcaoili Jose just right after the Foundation and Community Mass.

The growth and progress of the town during the past and present administrations of Mayor Artemio Q. Chan and that of former Mayor Emma T. Chan keep true to the promise of not burdening the children of Pozorrubio with debt. Construction of the new wing cost more or less Php7.35 million, and all of this is from local municipal savings.



(Left) The new wing shelters behind a full-grown camias tree. (Below) The blessing by Bishop Jacinto Jose with Mayor Artemio Chan and Vice Mayor Kelvin Chan. 



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