Palaspas ed Pozorrubio!

Written by Jing Villamil

Waving fronds of palms, they welcomed Him to Jerusalem. Before the end of the week, they would be shouting Him crucified. But this is no sermon on short memories and universal fickle-mindedness; sermons are better left to priest and sages.

Yesterday, Christendom welcomed Holy Week with Palm Sunday. To Pangasinenses, it was Domingo Ramos or Agew na Palaspas or simply Palaspas.

Palaspas roughly means: to cut a path through dense foliage or forest with a bolo or an instrument as sharply edged. On the other hand, palaspas also best describes: a steering of the air with a waving to-and fro of the fingers or its extensions (i.e. things that flop or swap). It was probably from this latter context that palaspas came to be associated with Palm Sunday; it was as near as near can be to refer to the palm fronds.



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