Pozorrubio, soon a tourist destination?!

Written by JVillamil

Tourists visiting Pozorrubio's patopat factory

In two separate batches of January 23-27 and February 3-9, 2011, representatives of national publications, broadcasting and TV networks, and other multimedia practitioners joined the Lakbay Norte Media Tour (below right) to discover or re-familiarize themselves with the Department of Tourism (DOT) suggested list of tourist spots in Northern Philippines.

With a welcome and heartening new addition to that list: the Municipality of Pozorrubio! Thanks to the massive promotion campaign initiated by former Mayor Emma Zosima and current Mayor Artemio Chan with regards to the now-celebrated patopat of Imbalbalatong and Buneg and the medieval swords/knives of Palacpalac, Pozorrubio might yet become a regular destination for local, provincial, national and foreign tourists!

Download links below for full story and photos:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


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