A crown has again come to Pangasinan and to Pozorrubians!

Written by Gin Quesada

Beauties of the Caucasian breed, queens from the international power houses of beauties, veteran contestants from various international pageants – 55 of them competing in the 14th Ms Tourism International beauty pageant in Kuala Lumpur last New Year’s Eve! Will you not be intimidated by the participation of these beauties if you happen to be sent to compete with them?

Not for the country’s representative Miss Barbie D. Salvador, who was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism International last August 2010. Her crown in that event automatically made her the country’s bet to this only annual pageant held on New Year’s Eve. During the early announcements of special awards, her name did not came up. But as the event progressed, she was chosen among the top 20. Then she remained in the top ten. And finally out of these top ten bets, she landed in the most-coveted winning top five beauty slots of the pageant, bearing the title, Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International 2010-2011! She also received the Miss Kai Radiance award, representing the face of Malaysia’s top cosmetic company.

How could a kayumanggi-complexioned beauty be at par with four other fair-complexioned ones? The three coming from traditional winner countries: Netherlands, Australia, and Venezuela. The rules have changed. Yes, today’s beauty queens are no longer judged from pretty countenance and body statistics alone. Look at the crowned Miss Tourism International 2010, Miss Netherland, in this pageant: she is a cum laude graduate, and taking up Masters of Law in a Netherlands university, aside from possessing impressive personality!

Indeed, the grading ratio on personality, talent, and philanthropy/world peace/tourism/climate change (or the bigger issues) has changed. Barbie’s profile is proportionately distributed in these criteria. Though not excellently proportioned, where she grades inadequate , she compensates with her strength.

Barbie is a winning and a driven lady. She may have stumbled in her first quest (Bb.Pilipinas 2009), but that experience made her a ‘more improved version of Barbie’ in her subsequent round of fight, the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010. And in her latest quest, which is the New Years Eve Kuala Lumpur contest, although the obstacles appeared insurmountable, as there were more contestants representing various cultures and coming from the more modern fashion-centric developed countries, she remained unperturbed, un-intimidated.

Instead of losing confidence, fighter as she is, applying the legendary Chinese general’s art of war practices in competition, she developed a strategy that eventually catapulted her to be one of the crowned five. She was friendly to everybody- to her fellow participants, and others present in the event- which is taming the crowd, so to speak, to eventually become friendly to her, building in her a more confident projection. Her friendliness won her an informal poll of being the top early favorites. It was not hard for her to achieve this. Friendliness is a nature to Barbie as her circle in the country testifies. Her friend-building was a prelude to getting them into conversations that would enable English and ideas always circulating in her mind. This is just to make herself ever-ready for any question and answer test that comes around, and at the same time acclimatize herself in the temporary world she was in. This is to avoid a stammer and mental black-out, and maintain grace and confidence under pressure.

Even the amount and quality of her food intake was meant to give her normal sugar level and brain cellular strength to sustain a good presence of mind and mental alertness. But this formula was not much of a problem, as talking is Barbie’s nature, too. In fact, before this Kuala Lumpur pageant, she accepted a ‘talking’ job with the Solar Sports. She co-hosts weekly with a veteran sports caster in the TV program, Magnus Sports. One must always have unlimited ideas in hosting. Her friends even say she can speak a ‘barok’.

Speaking of content in her talks, her educational background would speak. She finished a degree in Bachelor of Science in Communications Technology Management at Ateneo de Manila in Quezon City. Her scholastic exposure gives her an edge in communicating herself aside from knowing the technology side of communications and IT. The IT tools she learned give her an edge over her colleagues in the very un-academic life she went into, beauty queen and modeling. The management side of her course gives her the basics in competition and audience or market targeting or segmenting.

She studied in St Scholastica in high school. But her childhood years in Pozorrubio were believed to be the ones that had a subconscious impact into the adulthood she is in today. As early as kinder and primary she had won beauty queen crowns already. But as she grew, she thought of becoming champion in the field of sports. To her she will not succeed in the field of beauty queen, as she thought of herself ugly being the tallest girl in the class and not fair-complexioned. But later years saw her proving to the world that being tall is an asset and being kayumanggi is the representative Filipina. A Filipina should not compete internationally mimicking foreign ways. In high school and in college she, once in a while, went on joining fashion modeling. Her passion for sports gives her the strength to support a graceful walk. It is this interest for body conditioning that gives her the winning and ‘killer’ abs.

Another childhood situation in Pozorrubio that shaped her adult life was when her parents were in the stage of establishing their medical practice and clientele in Metro Manila. She was left for sometime under the care of a close relative. It was in this period that she developed independent-mindedness, the fighter and survivor instinct, the winner mindset. Due to this character molding, she did not have a hard time adjusting when transferred in Manila in her high school years, and then in studying in the male-dominated Ateneo school, where her male classmates gave her the model of transcending over difficult situations. She kept on conquering in the world of modeling, beauty queens, show biz. Her latest conquest was the recent Miss Tourism International 2010 contest last New Year’s Eve.

Tonight, January 18, 2011, Barbie is coming home to Pozorrubio, where she was virtually born 23 years ago. (She was born in Quezon City and was brought to Pozorrubio a week after). She will crown the Miss ECO Pozorrubio 2011. She will provide an inspiration to aspiring beauty queens of her hometown.

She will share to her Kabaleyans the international crown she got, fresh from abroad. In the succeeding days she will share the same with fellow Pangasinenses, being the reigning Mutya ng Pangasinan. She will share in the promotion of local tourism being the local and international icon of tourism.

Long live the Queen! ~ by ginquesada

(For more pictures and articles about Barbie, please open her official website, http://www.barbiesalvador.com )


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