An International Beauty Queen crowns Miss Eco Pozorrubio 2011

Written by Gin Quesada

The Miss ECO Pozorrubio 2011 pageant must be the luckiest and most memorable so far of the annual pageantry presented by Archers Productions. For the first time an international beauty queen, Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International Barbie Salvador came to grace the occasion and to be the crowning guest of the event held last Januarry 18, 2011. In addition to the production’s regular annual viewing audience, the night’s spectators was increased by Pozorrubians curious to see their Kabaleyan international beauty queen. The crowd may be labeled ‘di mahulugang karayum’ as what one observer said.

Travelling all the way from Manila, Barbie and her entourage, guided by her parents, Drs Raul and Bles, arrived 8 PM at her Uncle Art and Aunt Nelia Talinio’s residence, where relatives were waiting to welcome her, dine and pose with her. Two sets of video and still cameras were deployed by Quesada eTechnologies under the supervision of her Ninang Paz Quesada to cover her from the Talinio residence to the coronation ceremonies at the plaza pergola for her official website and Pozorrubio Online documentation.

From the Talinio’s residence, at 9 PM she and her entourage (bigger this time) arrived at the plaza pergola with assistance of her Pacquiao-muscled relatives of the Harana group led by Uncle Rene, that swayed the way for her through the crowd. The crowd was so dense, that if one is a late comer, he could hardly negotiate his way to a good viewing location. Near the stage were Ninongs Mayors Art and Emma, who met her with beso-besos , and LGU officials and their balikbayan and other guests; officers,. Nearer the stage were members of Archer’s Productions officiating the event and judges of the pageant. The greater part of the audience occupied the space for dancing. The audience preferred to be nearer the stage to have closer look at the candidates (and their recycled suits) and Kabaleyan Barbie, and all the interesting presentations, leaving no space for their own dancing.

Some minor numbers of the pageant program were already started when Barbie arrived. Following the pageant’s question and answer portion and other stages of the contest, the winners were announced and coronation of the selected followed. Crowned were as follows:

* Miss Eco Pozorrubio 2011 is Miss Mary Joy Niturada, 20 years old, of Bgy Rosario. She us also Ms Natasha

* 1st Runner up and Miss Pozorrubio Ignis is Miss Kimberly Ritualo, 16 years old, of Poblacion District 1. She is also Miss Natural Beauty and Miss MSE.

* 2nd Runner up is Miss Rowena Macaraeg, 15 years old, for Poblacion District 1.

* 3rd Runner up and also Miss Aqua is Miss Claire Anne Guleng, 18 years old, of Brgy Sugcong.

* Miss Photogenic is Miss Marliza Razo, 17 years old from Brgy Palguyod.

* Miss Congeniality is Miss Aileen Amalia Villegas, 19 years old, of Brgy Amagbagan.

Three candidates withdrew from the contest on instructions of their parents.

On the other hand, Miss Leslie Ann T. Reyes, 18 years old, representing Brgy Villa Pozorrubio, a Barbie-tall and pretty candidate with creatively recycled gown made it to the finals, but was not able to respond adequately in the question and answer portion.

Ms Salvador, as the crowning guest, delivered an inspirational talk praising the initiative of the pageant organizers and their advocacies that aim to protect and enhance green environment. She also encouraged everybody for more support to this endeavor. She urged more prospective candidates to join and develop their creativity in the use of recycled materials. She thanked and gave recognition to the event organizers led by Archers Production Entertainment Network president Ms Allona Amor, Managing, Artistic and Creative Director Ms Rosahlee Zal G. Bautista, and Project and Production Manager Emily Valdez.

The finale of the pageant was the coronation of the winners. Barbie crowned Miss Eco Pozorrubio 2011. This was followed by the winners posing for souvenir pictures with the International Beauty, one-by-one, group-by-group.

(What is Archers Production Entertainment Network? What is its mission? Who are behind it? These will be tackled in future article.) ~ ginquesada

Queen Barbie poses with beauties with Miss Eco Pozorrubio 2011


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