Memoirs of Mutya 2010 plus Barbie’s personal facts and winning poses prior to the Kuala Lumpur Ms Tourism International pageant

Written by Paz Quesada

When the critical and decisive question was posed to the 23 year old Mutya ng Pangasinan, Barbie D. Salvador, her winning answer, before she was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010 Tourism International last August, was:

“Before I answer that, I would like to extend my condolences to the victims of the hostage crisis that we had earlier this week.

“To answer that question, I think that the most…the major problem that we have in the Philippines is the tainted image of the Philippine security in terms of tourism.

“And as a tourism ambassador, I would like to send out my message to all the world that the Philippines is still your home here in Asia. And we love you. Thank you.”

In the same August 2010 pageant, she also received the Mutya ng Pilipinas L’Oreal award, in addition to one of the three Mutya ng Pilipinas Resorts World awards.

In the 2009 Binibining Pilipinas competition, she landed in one of the top 10 semi-finalist slots, a feat she considers an achievement for a neophyte like her in a national pageantrical contest.

Her title, Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010 Tourism International automatically made her the Philippines’ bet to this year’s Miss Tourism International held in Malaysia on New Year’s Eve.

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