Candidates for the 2011 Pozorrubio Town Fiesta Queen

Written by Pozorrubio Town Fiesta Executive Committee

Friday, December 3, Pozorrubians get to meet the candidates for 2011 Pozorrubio Fiesta Queen. They also get to have a tasty treat of what many believe may turn out to be a sumptuous visual feast! The contest maybe won by the candidate who brings in the most contribution to the town’s infrastructure and social-economic projects; but to the star-struck, the contest is between and among three beautiful, talented, generous-hearted young ladies:

* >> Nineteen-year-old Gretchen, who committed her full share of her earnings from the contest to the Pozorrubio Badminton Team;
* >> twenty-year-old Lucy, just graduated from the University of the Philippines, who paused to be of help to this town before she strikes out for eventual independence, and;
* >> seventeen-year-old dreamy-eyed Lorraine, who, at so young an age, had always wanted to be of assistance to others. These girls are all single and the “apples” of their parents’ eyes!

Be there, bodily or in spirit, at historic Plaza Pergola of Pozorrubio, for the presentation of candidates and the 1st canvassing of the Search for the 2011 Town Fiesta Queen, considered to be the most successful partnership between the Local Government of Pozorrubio and the Pozorrubians including the Balikbayan Community, to benefit the town and the people themselves.


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