Gin Quesada, a Pozorrubian, was technical speaker at electrical engineers convention in Saudi Arabia

Download here Substation Automation System-Introduction to IEC 61850 by Gin Quesada

Quesada receives a plaque from IIEE-ERCSA president

Quesada receives a plaque from IIEE-ERCSA president

The Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines – Eastern Region Chapter, Saudi Arabia (IIEE-ERCSA) accorded Gin Quesada, a Pozorrubian, a plaque of appreciation after making technical presentation at the IIEE-ERCSA’s 15th Annual Convention and Election of Officers and Technical Seminar at Tulip Inn Hotel-Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia on Nov 19, 2010. Subject of presentation focused on the latest technology on electrical substation control design (substation automation system based on the international standard IEC 61850), a hot topic in the power industry today in the whole world.

IIEE-ERCSA is a 500-member strong (in the Eastern Region chapter only) association of Filipino electrical engineers in Saudi Arabia recognized by the Philippines’ Professional Regulations Commission (PRC). IIEE has 2 other chapters in the Kingdom, one is based in the Central Region, and the other in the Southern Region. There are other chapters of the Institute in the Middle East.

Shortly before this event, the PRC conducted a board exam here in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The PRC officer who officiated the exam, Atty Diosdado Anselmo Lalucis, was the guest speaker during the Institute’s Annual Convention.

IEC 61850-based Substation Automation System has been tagged by the power sector to be ultimate choice of substation control design. It combines in it the 3 major technologies of communication, IT, and electrical technologies. Quesada who has been in this 3 discliplines since 1969 has been assigned to handle SAS projects in his employer company. The length of his exposure in technology enabled him to withness various paradigm shifts in technology, like the phasing out of the vacuum tubes and entry of the silicon transistors, the merging of communications technology and IT, and now the merging of electrical, communication and IT technologies. He also withness, and more or less experienced, major developments in IT: the mainframe, the PC, the Web 1 and now the social networks or Web 2.

Quesada’s professional affiliations include membership in the following international organizations:
~ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and 5 of its 35 societies:
>>> Power Engineering Society
>>> Professional Communications Society
>>> Communications Society
>>> Education Society -IEEE
>>> Computer Society-IEEE
~ Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
~ Building Industry Consultancy Services International (BICSI)

IIEE-ERCSA’s choice of Quesada being the technical resoure person was based from his variety of technological exposure over a long period as described above.

Quesada previously made two technical presentations for the Institute in the 90’s. One was a whole day presentation covering all forms of communications used in the power network. The second presentation was about the website he designed for the Institute when websites was still in its infancy of development.

Quoting from one of the slides, the abstract of Quesada’s presentation in this event goes:

“The presentation is about substation automation system (SAS) based on the IEC Standard 61850. It discusses the history of substation automation; explains the need for the technology, the problem the industry continue to face and solution proposed by SAS. The presentation provides an introductory discussion of the structure of IEC 61850 standard. Data model and Substation Configuration Language (SCL) approach to engineer a substation is explained. Technical benefits like inter-operability, fast communication between IEDs, reliability, fast restore times of faulted substations, redundancy schemes, cyber-security, use of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) are discussed. Other standards used in substations that are closely related to IEC 61680 are also mentioned, like communication to the Control Center and inter-Control Center linking”.

A video streaming version of his presentation will be available from his sites in the second week of December, 2010.

A PDF version of his Powerpoint presentation may be downloaded by clicking on the link below (file size is 10MB):

Substation Automation System-Introduction to IEC 61850 by Gin Quesada
His presentation slides are also available in his websites as indicated below:
Main website: >> Download presentation here
LinkedIn site: >> Download here (you must log-in to your LinkedIn account to view this)
Facebook site: >> Download here (you must be logged-in to your Facebook account)
UTube channel: (not available yet, presentation is being converted to video file with audio)
Family biz site: >> Download here
Twitter site: >> Download here (you must be logged-in to your Twitter account)
Town website: >> Download here
The IIEE-ERCSA, interested to tap his insights and wisdom on recent developments, has proposed informally that he conducts in behalf of the organization paid monthly lectures/presentations on the subject (substation automation system), communication, and IT technologies. The series is proposed to start on January, 2011 with the new set of officers.

Earlier, he has been scheduled to make a presentation at another professional organization, the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines – Saudi Arabia Chapter (IECEP) on web development using vendor-specific and open systems.

Quesada is also the designer and webmaster of Pozorrubio Online(, IECEP, PSME-SA (Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers -Saudi Arabia Chapter, and many other websites.


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