Juan sidewhacks Pozorrubio

Written by JVillamil PhotoNews

Typhoon Juan obviously had no intention to maintain the course of his plotted script, reminiscent of Pepeng all over again. He was a no-show at his supposed entry of Cagayan, and unsettled everybody when he went on to snub his expected exit at Ilocos Norte. He made landfall by taking the air out of Isabela, then he proceeded to wind-whip his way across the mountain ranges to blow his top over Ilocos Sur and La Union. After a day of bad spleen and temper, he finally retreated to the sea from where he came. But not without whacking a sharp elbow at Pozorrubio, Pangasinan.

As of today, October 21, this is the partial disaster status report given out by Mayor Artemio Chan as gathered by the barangay workers of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) Disaster Operation Center:

3 totally and 27 partially damaged houses with 1, 695 families or a total of 10, 170 persons affected. The Municipal Office of the Department of Agriculture (DA) has, as of this moment, reported 2,121.35 hectares of partially damaged riceland or an estimated PHP31 million loss.

photos and complete story


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