A Pozorrubian trains OFWs Microsoft and Cisco courses; prepares them for reintegration

by Gin.Que.

October 15, 2010, Al Jazeera International School, Dammam City, Saudi Arabia.

COMSOFIL-EP President Rod Madrid & VP-Education Glenn Quesada

OFWs complete IT training

One hundred fifty-six (156) OFWs finished today short job-related IT courses offered by Computer Society of Filipinos International, Inc – Eastern Province (COMSOFIL-EP), a Filipino IT organization in Saudi Arabia aiming to enhance knowledge and competitive advantage of its OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) members working in the Kingdom. COMSOFIL-EP, an affiliate of Philippine Computer Society in the Philippines and a member of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society in the Philippines, held its 9th graduation program at the Al Jazeera International School in Dammam City, Saudi Arabia. Last season, it graduated 170 enrollees in this project that shares IT knowledge to OFW main bread winners and their interested family members. The organization had been producing graduates in the Eastern Province twice a year since the Chapter’s founding in 2005.

COMSOFIL’s mission

COMSOFIL has chapters in the 2 major regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has been doing some functions in behalf of the Philippine government, as part of its main community service. The organization, since its founding in 1995, has been giving training to OFWs to enhance their efficiency in their respective jobs, thereby giving them competitive edge over other expatriates working in the Kingdom. The training also prepares the OFWs for eventual reintegration with their communities in the home country. Additionally, the organization also assists them, especially other members of their families learn the various forms of communication using internet IP telephony, instant messaging, social networks, and mobile devices, to bridge the communication gap with their families in the Philippines. Communication gap, created by distance and prolonged absence from their homes, had been a major problem for OFWs and the Philippine government in previous decades.

A Pozorrubian shares his knowledge and experience

Driven by the noble mission of COMSOFIL, one of our fellow Pozorrubians, Glenn S. Quesada, decided to affiliate with the organization last 2009 sharing the knowledge he gained from his current experience here in the Kingdom as well as from his previous experience in the Philippines. These he shares in addition to the knowledge he learned from his training with New Horizons school (a Microsoft training and certification center) here.

Glenn Quesada’s early mentors

He also participated in training workshops given by his Ninong Wilson Chua, President of Bitstop Network Services, Inc in Dagupan City, Philippines, a networking company and major software distributor in the country, from which he subcontracted some jobs and from which he received early support as entrepreneur in his hometown.

During his early working years in the Kingdom, he also shared practical knowledge from an unselfish close family friend, Lamberto Valenzuela, a former Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) IT professional, now working in Qatar Petroleum. For useful theoretical knowledge, a New Horizon School instructor, Guillermo Songsong provided him internetworking technology mentoring.

Glenn graduates Microsoft and Cisco students at COMSOFIL-EP

For two consecutive seasons already, Glenn has been an instructor in COMSOFIL-EP teaching Microsoft server and client Operating Systems, Microsoft Office suite and Tools, and integrated CISCO-Microsoft Networking technologies, together with his co-instructor and present COMSOFIL-EP President, Rod O. Madrid, Jr., who also teaches Introduction to Networking and other related IT courses. In the last season, he has graduated 17 enrollees. Yesterday, at the Al Jazeera International School in Dammam, his 11 students for this season received their certificates of graduation in Cisco networking course, along with graduates of other courses conducted by COMSOFIL-EP.

His employer in Saudi Arabia

Glenn S. Quesada, who is one of the major founders that put up the family business Quesada eTechnologies (formerly Mousenet Computer Center, 1999), a pioneer IT business in his hometown, Pozorrubio, came to work in the Kingdom in October 2006. He was deployed by HAK Group of Companies in Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) to work as an IT Project Engineer in the ITC Engineering and Project Management Department of SEC-Eastern Region Branch.

Self-propelled training in Microsoft system engineering

After a year of working, he started home-based self-training with occasional consultations from friends and his father in the evening to get Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification. It took him more than a year to obtain this certification, as the career track for MCSE, requires 7 examinations. Along the track, he obtained these other certifications: MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator), and MCSA-Messaging, which were all required for taking certification examination for MCSE. With the funds and time made available for him by his father; the prayers from his mother during each time he is taking examination, the unselfishness of his other mentors, the availability of a few computers in his flat (in a high-rise residential building) that were multiplied into several working computers through a process of virtual networking technology, a perfectly-simulated networking environment and conducive study condition was created enabling him to hurdle each of the seven examinations with flying colors.

Community service as his way of life

Community service is one of the traits engrained in Glenn’s character. When he and his parents organized Mousenet Computer Center (now named Quesada eTechnologies), social commitment was made part of the mission of the venture. A website, http://www.pozorrubio.net.ph (www.pozorrubio.ph) was developed for the town by Mousenet in 1999 that enhanced the communication and closeness among the townspeople and with their relatives in various parts of the world. A ‘small remote rural town in northern Philippines’, as described by a Wall Street Journal writer, was put at the global limelight, which enhanced the patriotism of the Pozorrubians in foreign countries resulting to more inflow of donations, various philanthropic missions, and support to the local government.

The synergistic actions of the effective town administrators, lead by the Chans, on one-hand, and the patriotic foreign-based and local residents, on the other, coupled by convenient cheap internet communication that united the two forces catapulted the town to its now first class town category coming from the third class town level at the time Mousenet started its venture in 1999. Studies say that the contribution of internet communications (among which are the website, emails, instant messaging and internet telephony), or adequate communications, for that matter, to the progress of a community or country is substantial, but that it cannot be measured monetarily. But there is consistent statistics that show the relation of national progress or development to the existence or lack of adequate and cheap communications.

Glenn believes that, aside from his family, the community nurtures him. In return, he should continue to nurture it, too, by doing community service. Among his major contribution to his community is the free service that he and his family is providing since 1999 for the maintenance of the http://www.pozorrubio.net.ph and http://www.pozorrubio.ph which presence now extends to various social networking sites. Occasionally, his family’s Quesada eTechnologies had been providing sponsorships, otherwise, act as the prime mover of civic initiatives in his community, like IT workshops, essay writing contests, support to writers.

COMSOFIL-EP recruits Glenn as trainor; now holds VP-education position

COMSOPHIL-EP, believing on Glenn’s training, experience, theoretical background, demonstrated accomplishment-oriented work ethic, and social commitment, requested him to give training to COMSOFIL’s enrollees immediately after signing in membership. Presently, he is now the Vice-President for Education of the organization.

For this coming season, Glenn is taking a time-out from teaching in order to resume taking further certifications in internetworking and ITC security. ~ GinQue, Al-Khobar City, KSA .


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