Aquino govt to push for revised Magna Carta for Teachers

Written by Presidential Communications Operations Office

The Aquino administration will continue to push for the revised Magna Carta for Teachers to ensure a better working environment for the mentors and support the continuing capacity-building of teachers.

The Department of Education said it would continue promoting accountability among teachers and encourage them to organize themselves into forming professional learning communities in support of improving student learning approaches.
Education Secretary Armin Luistro said in a speech marking the World Teachers Day celebration on Tuesday morning that this recognition has been long in coming.

We applaud the move to honor them by dedicating one day each year to teachers and the nobility of purpose and profession that they all stand for, Luistro said.

He noted that the DepEd is striving hard to support the educational efforts of the teachers by making teacher education and development a second key reform thrust of the Basic Education Sector Reform Agency, aimed at improving learning outcomes through improved teaching quality.

According to Luistro, the DepEd is now using the Competency-Based Teacher Standards (CBTS) for recruitment, selection and hiring of teachers to ensure that only the best will mentor the learners.

The CBTS is also used in identifying teacher strengths and needs as basis for mapping out their growth and development and in appraising the performance of teachers and in rewarding good teaching.

Luistro stressed that his department continues to draft policy directions that further improve teacher working conditions, promote teacher wellness, continuously upgrade the quality of teaching and learning, support the continuing capacity building of teachers and push for the legislation of the revised Magna Carta for Teachers.

Since we expect you to provide the best teaching possible to uplift the Filipino youth, it is but right that we also give you the resource support you need, Luistro said.

Luistro ended his speech by paying tribute to world-acclaimed Dr. Josette Biyo (after whom a planet was named), who stayed in an Iloilo High School despite her doctorate degree and the accolade given her by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology of the US:

Being world class does not mean going international and showing our best out there. Being world class is passion and commitment to our profession, giving our best to our country and to our people. For teachers being world class start right inside the classroom, he said.


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