The Face of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) opens up

Written by Jose Antonio Vargas; The New Yorker; with intro comment by GinQuesada

Download below some bio info of the man who founded Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Since Pozorrubians babies, kids, teens, senior citizens are becoming loyalists of the Facebook community I thought it would be great if I share this info about your favorite social network evolutionist. From where I got? From another Facebook fan of this open community of sharers.

Yes, Pozorrubians are now facebookers – young and old, voters and politicos, advertizers and buyers, the sickly and their nurses, office bosses and their workers, the ‘tsismisers’ and their victims, and what have you. …even the newly born’s photo is in the facebook. pati nan basis, aka report ed FB. agay la raya! mantratrabaho kayo ni kasi? Pati arayay agman pi facebook, napi pressure ya man facebook, ta anto ey, wadtan kimetlan amin. Sikayon talaga !!

Download The Face of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg opens up)


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