Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010, Ms Barbie Salvador, receives warm welcome in her hometown, Pozorrubio !

Written by Gin, Paz, and Vilma Quesada

(Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, Sep 12, 2010). Ms. Barbie Salvador, the crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010 Tourism International, coming from a tourism function in another town, finally arrived in the town of Pozorrubio in the morning of September 11, 2010 to join her townmates in the homecoming welcome her Kabaleyans prepared for her. After a light breakfast accorded by Mayor and the LGU officials, motorcade paraded her through the major streets of the town center. Fan Run organized by the Pozorrubio Tennis Club, where her father Dr. Raul D. Salvador, her Uncle Rene, her Lolo Francing and her Ninong Mayor Art Chan are all active members, was among the jolly highlights of the day. Recognition awarding ceremony was done at the tennis court.

Employees and officials of the local government, relatives and friends took turns posing with the Mutya for souvenir. According to an employee, ‘ makapa likliket tan marakep so feeling mon maka pi retrato ed Mutya ng Pilipinas’.

Following the activities outdoor and at the Munisipyo, the Mutya finally joined her close kins and ninangs who are waiting to welcome her at one of the relatives’ residence, the Talenio home. Food was catered by her Uncle Rene of Harana restaurant.

For the benefit of Pozorrubians around the world and in town who were not able join the homecoming event, webmaster of Pozorrubio Online compiled shots taken by four photographers for sharing. They were uploaded on September 11 in the Pozorrubio Online in Facebook, also a creation of the town’s webmaster. Viewers should log in to Facebook to be able to open the pages associated with the links below. LIkewise, the 4 slides in the homepage slideshow of this site related to Mutya homecoming are linked to these photo albums in Pozorrubio Online in Facebook, and require that viewers be logged in to Facebook to see the photos.

Links to each of the 4 photo albums in the Facebook are indicated below. These links were also created in the Facebook sites of the Mutya, her parents, ‘Pozorrubio Pangasinan’, ‘Pozorrubio International’ , Joe de V, Gov Espino, VM Fernadez and other friends and friends of friends sites who are not Pozorrubians but sympathetic to the latter.


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