The Shoes of the Hurricane

Written by (Shared by Rebecca Aniciete Jasmin Julaton, Ana’s Mom)

This video is a tribute to a boxing legend and the current 3-time world champion, Ana Julaton. I have read from some critics and until today some still doubts Ana, and what she is capable of doing for the sport of boxing. Some cannot comprehend her purpose and intentions in female boxing. Some believes that she does not deserve the true recognition and support that she is having from the public. They perceive her smiles, beauty and charisma with media and the public, as a weak point on her boxing career. Some thinks that the time she is putting for the media only softens her ability to compete in the ring with boxers who only focus themselves in fighting. I believe that these critics cannot scope themselves out to a bigger picture. They acquire these ideas with lack of information and facts. They do not engage themselves to an accurate research. So let us zoom ourselves out and see the beauty of this nice big painting. Lets try to wear the shoes of the hurricane.

Female boxing is beautiful and it deserves true acknowledgement. Every female boxer dreams about the sport being widely recognized all over the world. But it cannot be recognized if people are not aware of it. For Ana Julaton, you need to reach out to everyone outside the ring and let the world know about the sport. You need to make a noise. For instance, the worlds greatest fight can happen, but it will be useless if the world is not aware of it and does not know who the fighters are. Every big sport wouldn’t be the sport they are today if it wasn’t for the icons, the stars, and the extra work they do outside of it.

For Ana Julaton, boxing is not just about, jabs, bobbing and weaving. Its not just about fighting in the ring. It’s a lifestyle and a responsibility. Boxing is only a part of it, you must learn to cover all corners. The truth is, She works harder than any other female boxers out there. Because she THINKS OUTSIDE THE BOX!!! They do not realize the hard work Ana and her team puts in and judge what they only choose to see. Some of these female boxers gets jaded because of the stereotype they are receiving. But the Hurricane chooses to face and fight the stereotype, because the honor and principle of the sport are worth more than any critics and prejudice can glorify. No one will understand her struggles until you actually stand in her shoes and see what she goes through.

I believe she deserves all the support she receives from her fans and the media. If only these fighters learn to think outside the box, I believe their dream will be fulfilled. Because of boxers like Ana Julaton, I believe someday female boxing will be a mainstream. I believe in her dream, because I believe in equality. The opportunities the United States has to offer is not just for one gender and one race, it is for every human being persistent with their dreams. I believe dreams are not meant to stay as a dream, it is to be achieved. But in order to do that, you must defy all odds, and take chances in life. Whatever we encounter we must learn to deal with it and adapt to it, Instead of giving up on it.

Ana Julaton is not just a pretty face, she is an inspiration to many people, she has become an idea of hope. Little girls now wants to be a boxer just like her. More filipina women are now stepping up to do greater things. Every gift we acquire from God is a responsibility we have to stand up for.

The impossible is not meant to stay that way forever if we have the redemptive power to make a difference. They said boxing is dying, but with people still believing, the heart and core will never be broken. I believe even female boxing can put the sport back on track. I believe someday Miss Ana Julaton will no longer be referred to as “ female pacquiao’’. I believe One day, a great male boxer will be called “the male Julaton’’ lol…

You may all laugh now, but one day you shall see the turn of events and this dream living. We all believe in you Hurricane, It doesn’t matter what these critics say. Your supporters will always be there for you, and one day the world will see and understand your hard work a dreams with perfect clarity.

God bless You and Team Julaton.


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