The 2010 Mutya ng Pilipinas Press Presentation; Barbie Salvador, a Pozorrubian, represents Pangasinan

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(Retrieved from Norman’s Blog by Gin Quesada)

The Official Candidates of Mutya ng Pilipinas 2010 were formally presented to the press last Wednesday, August 11 (which happens to be my birthday) at Resorts World Manila in fast-developing Newport City. The ladies paraded in their identical one-piece swimwears designed to look like two-piece numbers.

This early, my favorites are Barbie Salvador from Pangasinan, Kim de Guzman from Subic Bay, Cheysen Capuno from Palawan, Carla Lizardo from Bicol, Christi Lynn McGarry from East Coast USA, Suzette Hernandez from Batangas and Shihan Go from Caloocan City.

Coronation night will be on August 28 (Saturday) at Resorts World Manila to be aired over at ABS-CBN on September 5.

Here’s the Press Release from the organizers:

ScribbleWorks Production, Inc. announces signing a deal with the Mutya
ng Pilipinas Organization to manage the franchise of the pageant, which will be held at Resorts
World Casinos. The live show will be aired on September 5th, 2010 on ABS‐CBN. Already,
preparations are under way for what organizers are promising to be one of the biggest events
this year in the country’s beauty pageant world.

Everyone is excited to get on board with the competition and some of the major partners have
already been secured. National Pageant Committee Chair, Ms. Tati Fortuna, says, “Our company is
serious about elevating this pageant to the highest level. This is a huge task and we are all very
excited to implement new ideas on this project. We want to transform the organization and make
it the most prestigious beauty pageant in the country.” Ms. Fortuna is also the Managing Director
at Scribbleworks Production, Inc.

“Mutya ng Pilipinas has a long heritage as a premiere beauty pageant in the country. But lately, it
has become stale with the audience,” Ms. Fortuna concedes. “We want to go back to its roots,
focusing on the Filipina for her beauty, brain and as an ambassador of this beautiful country.”
One of the exciting components that they’ve added to the pageant competition is featuring and
highlighting some of the top provinces in the country known for their beautiful tourist

As a step in the right direction, Scribbleworks Production, Inc. has signed a partnership deal with
Resorts World Manila as the venue of this year’s pageant as well as other Mutya ng Pilipinas prepageant events. Resorts World Manila is a top attraction in the Philippines, raising the bar of luxury Lifestyle and Entertainment in the country. Star Cruises will also be a major sponsor.

The company also hired Monsters Centaur Productions for consultancy work. Their Principal
Stylist, Charmaine Grace Palermo, is one of the most sought‐after stylists in the country. They will
help with publicity efforts and aide with getting the fashion industry’s support behind the

In addition, National Pageant Charity Chair, Ms. Fortune Ledesma, will head the charity events for
this year’s Mutya ng Pilipinas, which will take place on August 28, 2010.


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