Speech Curriculum: A Need In School

Written by Lynda R. Erpelo, Teacher III, Nama Elementary School, Pozorrubio, District II, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan

Speech is a vital part of man’s normal life. Simply defined, it is the ability to speak, transmit information, ideas or attitude from one person to another. It is the most immediate vehicle to convey one’s feelings and emotions towards other fellow beings. It is said to note, however, that most of our pupils are lagging behind in this aspect. They lack the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas particularly in the classrooms. How about introducing the learners especially in the elementary level to a speech class that hones speech skills? Once these learners step in college with developed skills in speech, they will not end up being a bunch of defenseless, clueless, and ill-prepared students’ not ready to face the battles of smarts and college – level public speaking.

Although classroom recitation is basic in the grading system, it doesn’t quite teach the pupils the fundamentals of speaking in public with confidence. Public speaking skill is an indispensable tool if one has to make it big in his or her chosen career. A speech curriculum could improve communication which may pave the way to success in one’s profession. As we see, today’s jobs demand for customer service skills that include excellent speaking know how’s. An example of these is the ever so popular and ubiquitous call centers. Even if these prevalent jobs may lose their steam and eventually fade out in the future, a person’s public speaking skills could still take him far. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you always communicate, hence, the need for speech curriculum in the school.


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