‘The Hurricane’ traces Pangasinan roots

Written by Gabriel Cardinoza Northern Luzon Philippine Daily Inquirer July 16, 2010 ;Retrieved by Gin Quesada

LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN—Three-time Filipina world boxing champion Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton finally set foot on her grandparents’ home province on Wednesday on her way to Pozorrubio town to visit more relatives.

“It’s amazing. It’s my first time here and everything is just beautiful. Everyone’s heart’s warm and it feels like family,” Julaton said shortly after meeting with provincial officials here.

Julaton arrived in the country on Monday, 12 days after successfully clinching the World Boxing Organization super-bantamweight crown against Mexican Maria Elena Villalobos on June 30.

Julaton also holds the International Boxing Association female super bantamweight crown and the World Boxing Council international female super bantamweight title.

“This [visit to Pangasinan] is the most memorable thing that happened to me so far,” said Julaton, who was born in California.

She said she has always been aware she was a Pangasinense since she was “very little” because her grandfather, Cesario Cariaso Julaton, who died in 2004, often talked about her roots.

“I remember in our family gatherings how [Cesario Julaton] talked about how he grew up here, and how he had to leave for America to look for better opportunities for his family,” Julaton said.

She said that her grandfather, the youngest in a brood of 13, was born to a family of farmers.

“There was not any land left [for him to till] when he was born so he fled for the US when he was 16 and he lied about his age to enlist in the Army,” she said.
Julaton said she proceeded to Pangasinan to visit her Amang Pedring, her grandfather’s brother who lives in Barangay Villegas in Pozorrubio.


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