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Written by Richard T. Banegas, with GinQuesada introduction

Sometime last year, I published an article about Richard Banegas, the husband writer of a Pozorrubian, Zonia Quesada. Richard relates that it took him approximately 7 years to finish his first book, “Hands of Fire/the Phantom Body”, a book prompted by the death of Richard’s brother. After the publication of his first book, 2 more books followed publication. And he is coming up with the third! I believe, instead of 1 book after 7 years, he will come up with 7 books in 1 year. Below is a preview of the books by Richard, which I asked him to send me for publication in Pozorrubio Online. This article becomes a part of my series, “Celebrating Pozorrubio’s Writers”.


Books by Richard Thomas Banegas

Richard writes,

‘In 2001, as most of you now know, I began a journey responding to the death of my brother William.

‘I published my first novel, “Hands of Fire/the Phantom Body” on May 18, 2009. Here is a preview of the story:

‘Dr. Ricardo Marcelo was an anthropologist. His job was simple: help his brother Dr. William Marcelo, an archaeologist on a dig in a haunted site the Mock-ta called the Forbidden Land. Then there was Dr. John Bastion, a colleague and a villain. Consumed with the lust for power, John Bastion uncovered an ancient charm from the grave of a man, setting in motion unexpected events, unleashing a prophecy and the curse placed on it, hurling Ricardo and his brother William towards a dark place. At first, William fell into a coma and all hope seemed lost until Ricardo met a mysterious woman who guided him through troubling times. With the help of friends and family, Ricardo set course to free William from a wicked sorceress and a curse that follows his footsteps. With the paradox on the horizon and time running out, Ricardo finally understood what he had to do!

‘Hands of fire/the Phantom body are available only in hard cover at Publish America, Amazon and all fine online book stores.

‘On April 17, 2010,  I released my 2nd novel,  “At the Shadows Edge”, continuing the journey that I have begun.  Here is a preview for your enjoyment:

‘Shari was a Lieutenant assigned to the Barcelona Police Department Homicide Division, an unconventional woman with a flaming anger festering inside her. She was hard and unrelenting until he came along and changed all that.

‘Yet, she held a deadly secret, one, only her closest friends knew and they weren’t talking. With the case slipping away and the disappearance of several bodies, Shari goes on the hunt for the one responsible lingering at the shadows edge.

‘At the Shadows Edge is available at Amazon, and all on line book stores. It is also in eBook format through Amazon Kindle or Kindle for PC, SmashWords multi-format for Apple and Sony.

‘This month, I am pleased to announce the release of my third novel, “The Pen Pal”. Here is a sample:

‘He began with a humble existence and ended his life with blood on his hands.

‘Here begins the story of Shaymus O’Shea, son, father, husband, and murderer, told through his eyes. His victims, shown no mercy, wait for justice, while his own daughter, Federal Agent, Katee Alice O’Shea, pursues a killer known as the Deer Hunter, unaware she hunts her own father.

‘The Pen Pal is my best work to date. It’s an exciting story of a man who became a serial killer in the city of Dublin, Ireland. He marries and has a daughter, who becomes a Federal agent assigned to catch the man known as the Deer Hunter. What she does not know, her own father is the killer. Of course there is much more to this story, but a copy will be available soon. I want to thank everyone for your support. I promise to make you my friends from the city of Pozorrubio proud. I have a lot of work ahead of me, with the next book in the making, “The Legend of the Spider and the Snake is calling”.

‘Richard Thomas Banegas

Web Site


‘Meet me on Face Book


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