Seeding the farms

Written by jV

This month of July, the sun still toasts the fields and our bared skins at midday; but the rains are now here at least (and at last!) to mend us, earth and all.

This morning, July 6, 2010, farmers from the 34 barangays formed early lines before their municipio for the free 2-sack fertilizer pack (complete and urea) courtesy of former 5th District of Pangasinan Congressman Mark Cojuangco and now Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco and Mayor Artemio Chan. Days before today, as soon as the weather bureau announced the wet season had officially arrived, farm owners or tillers had been queuing at the 2nd floor before the office of the agriculturist to take advantage of government-subsidized hybrid and certified seeds. Also, sprayers are being distributed free to these barangays care of their kapitanes to make sure this year’s food stock will have a better chance against the elements. These sprayers are courtesy of the ABONO partylist, and Mayor Art and former Mayor Emma Chan.


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