Bridging the overseas barangays!

Written by jV

Bantugan, Nantangalan, Maambal, Castaño, Haway. Not anymore “the overseas barangays”, but “the barangays just over the bridge”. Over the Malasin-Bantugan Bridge.

At 6:30 Saturday morning of June 5, 2010, twenty-five days before Mayor Emma Chan turns over the reign of the local government to the new administration, she fulfills a promise – a bridge to link the overseas barangays to the Poblacion.

The following is a rather lengthy feature shortly told through pictures:

The sun rose early, but the people in-charge of the prep and deco rose earlier.  At 6 AM (left), the streamers were up, and the green balloons flew in neat line along both railings of the bridge (above left and below).

It was the calm before the crowd. A family crosses the bridge slowly on foot (left); while the residents of Malasin, Bantugan and beyond wait patiently for the rites to begin (right below).


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