Celebrating Pozorrubio’s Writers – 3: “Partnerships Create Synergy”

Written by ‘tagapozoako” with introduction by Gin.Quesada

(This is the third in a series of articles celebrating Pozorrubio’s writers. The piece below, Partnerships Create Synergy’ , written by Ms. Lucrea Vilnluan-Dayrit, a.k.a. ‘tagapozoako’, received the Third Place Award in the 1st Pozorrubio Essay/Expository Writing Contest.

The award, consisting of an expensive plaque and P10, 000 cash, was handed over to the author’s relative in Pozorrubio, Ms Gemma Salcedo, in her absence herself unable to come due to workloads in  the US.

The guest speaker during the Awarding Ceremony, Hon. Mayor Emma T. Chan (Municipal Mayor of Pozorrubio) and Engr. Gin.Quesada (who heads  the two sponsoring organizations) bestowed the award, assisted by the Board of Directors of the said organizations. The ceremony was held at the Function Hall of Pozorrubio Executive Building, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan last January 14, 2010, an event forming part of the town fiesta and founding anniversary celebration.

Ms Dayrit is a foreign-based Pozorrubian, who has behind her various post-graduate achievements and awards in the US. She is editor of various professional newsletters. She was also the editor of a book compiling stories of Pozorrubians in the US. Her article is advocating modern approaches to the problems posed for the article contest entries to solve. Being an specialist in the management of information al resources, her article is a showcase of an adequately researched piece and a model for bibliographical referencing. She is a librarian in one of the highly respectable organizations of the US government.

Ms. Dayrit comes from a family of educators in Pozorrubio and is the daughter of former Pozorrubio High School principal, Mr. Numeriano Vinluan, and long-time Pozorrubio Central School teacher, Ms. Lelis Olarte-Vinluan. She loves to assist children of Pozorrubio, and has been donating books for schools in town. She came up with a website, with the web-developing support of the webmasters of Pozorrubio Online, to assist children in their studies. She is based in Kansas City.

On her request, her complete profile along with her photo is not published here. ~ Gin.Quesada)

Partnerships Create Synergy
By “tagapozoako”

I remember the darapilan (sugar cane mill) in a Buneg farm…

A young farmer prepared a pile of harvested sugar canes for processing. He also got ready his strong kalabaw (carabao) for a half-day work in the darapilan. The kalabaw worked itself very hard so the long sugar canes could be processed and produced into what we called sinakob. When the kalabaw stopped working, the machine of course stopped. As a metaphor, the kalabaw was the lead in the success of this activity, although

>>> clickhere to download the complete article (in pdf)


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