With the last big meeting came the first big rain!

Written by JVillamil

It was the second pouring of rain in the season of el niño but it was the heaviest so far with the most plump of splatters. The farmers had prayed hard for it, and so did we all who dread the drought and the fires. In truth of fact, every living thing wished for the rain as they melted with each hot breath.

So, when the rain poured, who would wish to have the rain gone? Not one, dear, not a one.

So, Kagawad/Attorney Joseph Frianeza sang his naughty song and former Mayor Art Chan thanked the people from the shelter of the Plaza Pergola stage. Their voices were boomed by the huge Buada soundboxes bathing in the rain, reaching the ears of what was left of the huge crowd, now damp and shivery under the awnings of the municipal buildings, inside jeeps, vans, cars, tricycles.

No visible damage, though. except for the migraine, sneezes and rayuma of the next day. The administration candidates, except Frianeza and Chan, had delivered their pieces before the heaven poured. Pangasinan 5th District Congressman Mark Cojuangco had ample time to summarize the projects he had done for love of Pozorrubio and to elaborate on the whys of his strong endorsement of this team in concise terms, no beating around the bushes, and in clear Filipino yet. So did his wife, Mayor Kimi Cojuangco of Sison, candidate for Mark’s congressional seat, who spoke of what she aims to do to serve the whole of quinto distritoAt di nagpahuli (nauna pa nga) siProvincial Board member candidate Saffe Villar, father-in-law of Engineer Perry Erfe, general manager of PozorrubioWater District.

It was a team meeting na walang intensyong paninira of the opposing candidates. Just a report to the people, sometimes an explanation or a clarification, of what had been done for them and what they intend to do for them in the name of public service, and of course, sa pagpatuloy ng progreso ng bayan.

Then, the rain came. Tony Escomiendo of California facebooked; the rain was a promise of grace. Definitely, it was . . . the second pouring of rain in the season of el nino . . .


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