With 75% of ballots in, Chan leads!

Written by jVillamil

2010 Election

As Tuesday May 11 dawns at two, former Mayor Artemio Q. Chan sets a startling lead of more than a thousand votes over that of opposition bet ex-Kagawad Ernesto T. Go. This information is based on the  electronic returns of the Municipal Board of Canvassers which had established office at the session hall of the Sangguniang Bayan building.

2010 Election Day started promptly at 7 AM all over the fifty-eight (58) clustered precincts of Pozorrubio; but it started earlier for the 174 Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) who started trickling in to the Treasury Office beginning at 1 AM to claim the ballot papers for the more than 34,000 registered voters of the town.

The first fully automated national and local election had its delays and glitches, all of these bannered daily and in huge doses by the nation’s television and broadcasting networks. Pozorrubio, though, was luckier than most; it suffered little or almost no bane. Or so we hoped.

Until Election Day itself. As of this writing, fifteen (15) of the fifty-eight Precinct Count Optical Scanners (PCOS) stand stunned and bedeviled, useless as to their use and worthless as to their worth, accounting for the rest of the 25% of the votes not yet counted. These machines were drumbeated to shorten the counting and the posting of the results to a spectacular two hours, but the waiting here dragged on for hours and hours.

And the people down there by the park (mostly Go’s “yellow” brigade) continue to look up to the quiet lights filtering out from the SB porch. If everything were quiet up there, no one has yet been declared, they must be thinking. So they wait. And as they wait, their numbers grow.

Today, the sun will be hot on their heads; the hotheads will be out in full.


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