The ballot papers are here!

Written by JV

At approximately 3 o’clock this afternoon, April 28, 2010, the 58 boxes containing the official ballot papers for the 58 clustered precincts of Pozorrubio were delivered from the Provincial Treasury in Lingayen. It was a most solemn moment. The first automated election is really here. It is not a dream anymore or a nightmare to wake up from. It is stepping up our doorsteps, it has entered our doors.

For the uninitiated, uninformed, uncaring, or the simply apathetic . . . it was business as usual. Taxes, permits, licenses have to be paid. Cedulas, too

The boxes were received by COMELEC Election Officer III Mrs. Nelly Valera and were turned  over to the Municipal Treasurer Zoraida Costales for safekeeping until distributed to the precincts. As in all municipalities all over, the municipal treasurer serves as Custodian of all election paraphernalias.

All activities this afternoon were done and accomplished in the presence not only of the COMELEC but also of PNP personnel. Also very visible were the representatives of the opposition mayoral candidate Ernesto Go. His people filmed everything and stayed up to beyond this writing. They are still here.


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