All systems in – ballots, PCOS, flash cards, techies and the PNPs

2010 Election by JV

Friday, May 7, the ballot boxes for the 58 clustered precincts of Pozorrubio were inspected by the local COMELEC and Treasury offices headed by Election Officer Nelly Valera and Municipal Treasurer Zoraida Costales who is at the same time the custodian of all election paraphernalia. This was done in the presence of the watchers of the ruling Lakas-Kampi-CMD-NPC and the opposition Liberal party from ten  in the morning to four in the afternoon. The boxes and the ballot papers were found to be in their pristine vacuumed-wrapped state, sealed and untouched except by packers’ and shippers’ hands.

At first hours of this morning, May 8, the 58 Precinct Count Optical Scanners (PCOS) and the accompanying flash cards were delivered. Also already here are 29 technicians (one for every 2 clustered precincts) and 10 AFP soldiers, 7 PNP trainees to augment the 27 local PNPs.

The testing of the PCOS machines will be done tomorrow, Sunday, May 9.  All at the same time, as soon as these were delivered and set up in the school sites of the 58 precincts. A day before election of May 10. (And if the reader thinks that is cutting it mightily too thin, he does not have the nerves of steel of the  COMELEC commissioners).

So, it’s all systems in, but will it run or will it merely hum? Hmm?


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