29 kapitanes, balikbayans, the Cojuangcos pep up Chan’s campaign

Written by JVillamil

They were omnipresent. They were there with the administration team on the evening of March 26, the official start of the campaign, as it held its first barangay meeting. They are still there with the team to this writing, which is twenty-one days later and less than a month before May 10 election.

The twenty-five (25) kapitanes may be there every night mainly to root for the four(4) among them (Kapitanes Fely Ann Maligsa of Imbalbalatong, Simeon Quinto of District 2, Rogelio Amansec of Alipangpang and Herminigildo Ibaan of Palguyod) who are running for councilors of the town of Pozorrubio under the local party of Lakas-Kampi-CMD of three-termer former Mayor Art Chan.  It was like stating, “we are here for our people”.  There are a total of 34 barangays; thus 5 of them probably had opted to back the opposition. The other candidates for councilors of this party are Kgd. Kelvin Chan, Kgd./Atty. Joseph Frianeza, former Vice-Mayor Dr. Carlos Gramata, and Ex-Kgd. Jovito Estaris.
The balikbayans may be there every night specifically to express a strong signal of their group’s trust and support for the continuing progress of this newly re-classified 1st-class town as initiated and pursued by Chan and his wife, the incumbent Mayor Emma Chan.

Three-termer Congressman Mark may be there every night to endorse his wife Kimi for the position he is to retire from, and also to personally endorse the candidates of the administration led by Art Chan whom the congressman consistently announced as “of one mind” with him when it comes to his projects for the 5th district of Pangasinan.

And Kimi may be there, well, to express as best as she can, every night, in quaint but sweet Tagalog her affection for the people of the town second-nearest to her heart (Sison being the first. Of course.) and her desire na paglingkuran the rest of the people of the 5th Pangasinan District as her husband had always done in the past 9 years.

Whatever, the collective presence of these people (and their families and their council of followers) boost up not only the morale of the administrative team, but also the head count night after night after night.

For Chan and his team, it was a gracious but normally acceptable sight. For someone not used to the politics of this town, it was makapanindig-balahibo.


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