Mayor’s priority projects right on schedule

Written by jVillamil

Construction on the five (5) priority infrastructure projects of Mayor Emma Zosima Chan of Pozorrubio are keeping right on schedule, in time for the turnover to the new administration on June 2010. Although not all of these projects are expected to be fully completed by then, there will be five less worries to contend with for whoever takes over after.

Demolition of the burnt Gabaldon building of the Pozorrubio Central School had been going on for the last few days to prepare the ground for the construction of a 3-storey schoolbuilding expected to be finished in time for the June opening of classes. To date, the P12-13M pledged by 5th District of Pangasinan Representative Mark O. Cojuangco has added on to it P10M from Dep Ed, P5M from Governor Amado T. Espino Jr., P2M from Engineer So’s ABONO partylist  and P2M municipal counterpart.

The Malasin-Bantugan Bridge, which is funded fully by municipal savings has progressed on to its Phase 11 which involves the re-channeling of the Angalacan River bed and embankments and the construction of slope protection;  the People’s Civic Center Building is on its last phase; additional layer tombs, bone crypts and concrete fence are being constructed at the Public Cemetery expansion, and; the concreting of farm-to-market roads and slope-protection projects are ongoing.


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