San Diego Lions Club to sponsor medical mission from March to April

Written by Viña M. Phelps/Nario Idos; San Diego Majestic Lions Club (SDMLC)

The San Diego Majestic Lions Club (SDMLC), District 4-L6,  will sponsor a Medical Mission in the Philippines from March 25th thru April 1st this year.

This was announced by Pete Lustria, president, who said that with  “Vision A Sight of Life”  for a theme, medical services will include eye examinations, eye surgeries, distribution of reading glasses, dental extractions, medical consultations, diabetes and high blood pressure screenings, distribution of vitamins and needed medications to the needy.

This Medical Mission, which has earned a grant from the Lions Club International, has the club’s participating officers, members, and volunteers from the San Diego County all set and ready to embark into this humanitarian service after a year of preparations and fundraising projects to make this Medical Mission in the old country a success.

“One of our advantages in running this Medical Mission is that we have a doctor in our midst,”

the club president confidently and happily reported.  He was referring to Dr. Ceferina Ruiz, one of the founders of the San Diego Majestic Lions Club, who retired from the U.S. Military as a medical practitioner and who, through the years, has helped other local Lions Clubs and non-profit organizations in their medical missions, health programs and services whether locally or internationally.

This Medical Mission, as requested by Board Member Narios Idos,  will kick off with two days of medical services in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, which will be co-hosted by the Dagupan City Lions Club, headed by __________,

Other Medical Mission venues are Iba, Zambales; Olongapo City; Dinalupihan, Bataan; and Calauag, Quezon.  This Medical Mission will be held in conjunction with Lions Clubs and volunteering medical professionals in these areas. A night of Awards and Recognition will cap this Medical Mission.


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