Building from the ashes of the PCS GABALDON

Written by JVillamil

Mayor Emma Chan still wore the strong whiff and finger smudges not of perfume, but burnt wood ash from the fire that spelled finish to the Gabaldon building of our Pozorrubio Central School memories when she talked to the community (prominent local residents and Balikbayan) who were the judges, event sponsors, donors and spectators of the event of that day, the Street Dancing Competition of the 140th Founding and Town Fiesta. It was after a late 4 o’clock lunch which she was supposed to host but which she was not able to attend to at the 3rd Floor of the Executive Building. She had rushed to the school instead, with former Mayor Art, son Councilor Kelvin, and the Pozorrubio fire truck.

All were one in agreeing to her proposal. Part of the income of the Town Fiesta will be sourced to purchase another fire truck to supplement the one other existing fire truck of the town.

Before that day of January 13, 2010 wore its welcome off, during an event attended by all barangay officials, 5th District Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco personally pledged the immediate resurrection of the 15-room Gabaldon building the soonest possible time, including the library and administrative offices. This time, it will be a 3-storey edifice estimated to cost P20 million. The Congressman, though, welcomed all individuals or entities who would join hands with him in giving back to the administrators, teachers and intermediate pupils the classrooms they had lost.

As of this date, Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. had promised P5 million. Engineer Rosendo So of the ABONO partylist pledged P2 million. The Municipality of Pozorrubio shall provide its counterpart of P2.5 from local funds.

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