Result of the First Pozorrubio Essay/ Expository Writing Contest

Written by Gin S. Quesada

(First of Three Parts)

Article Entry # 03 by Biaza, entitled ‘A Tangent Course in the Realm of Change’ won the First Place Award in the First Pozorrubio Essay/Expository Writing Contest sponsored by SPA Batch 64 Alumni Organization and Quesada eTechnologies. The author’s real name is Dra. Blesilda dela Rosa-Salvador, one of the awardees of the Ten Outstanding Filipino Physicians 2008 and an anchor of ABS-CBN’s ‘Ang Inyong Lingkod, Dra Bless’ DZMM program. She is the wife of Dr. Raul Salvador.

‘Dra. Bles’, as she is nationally known, (a.k.a. Biaza), received P30,000 cash from the sponsors, handed over by the donors and the President of the SPA Batch 64 Alumni Organization, along with Mayor Emma T. Chan and Directors of the organization. She also received an expensive plaque that goes with an elegantly crafted wooden case. Cash was jointly donated by two couples, Mr. & Mrs Ernesto Camorongan and Engr. & Mrs. Ginofreo S. Quesada. Directors assisting in the awarding were Board Chairman Gamaliel M. Eleno, Jr., Mr. Alfredo Almeron, and Ms. Minerva Alcaide-Caburnay.

(Mr. Gamaliel Eleno, Jr. and his wife, the former Ms.Teresita Banda are both members of the SPA Batch 64 Alumni Organization, and are now based in Hawaii. Mr. Alfredo Almeron, also a Batch 64 active member with wife Cynthia are based in mainland USA. Mr. Ernesto Camorongan, who is the Director for NCR, and wife Ms.Teofila Tambot, both Batch 64, are based in Manila. Ms Minerva Alcaide-Caburnay, who is the Organization’s Vice-president and a Director, is a columnist and broadcast journalist and now residing in Dagupan City. She is the Ceremony co-emcee of Mr. Joseph Bacani, a columnist of Global Sunday Chronicle and Weekly Guardian).

All winners were announced during the Contest’s Awarding Ceremony held at the Function Hall of Municipal Executive Building, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan on January 14, 2010 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Second Placer

The Second Place Award went to Mr. Mel Jovellanos, a.k.a. ‘Noel Gonzalez’ for his article, ‘Dream Come True: Ciudad de Pozorrubio?’. He received P20,000 cash and a plaque of the same make as the First Place awardee’s from the same awarding group. Donors for the P20,000 award are Mr.& Mrs. Gamaliel M. Eleno, Jr. Batch 64 Chairman of the Board, based in Hawaii.

Mr. Jovellanos, is currently an editor of Weekly Star Tribune of Pangasinan, incumbent president of the Ulupan na Pansiansay Salitan Pangasinan (an association advocating the preservation of the Pangasinan language), who is also well-known in Pozorrubio literature for writing historical documents about the town. He is the composer of the Pozorrubio Hymn and the author of Pangasinan-English, English-Pangasinan dictionary, now in its fourth edition.

Third Placer

The Third Place Award went to a foreign-based Pozorrubian, who has behind her various post-graduate achievements and awards in the US. She is editor of various professional newsletters. She was also the editor of a book compiling stories of Pozorrubians in the US. Calling herself, ‘tagapozoako’, she is no other than Ms. Lucrea Olarte Vinluan-Dayrit, the author of ‘Partnerships Create Synergy’, an article advocating modern approaches to the problems posed for the article entries to solve.

Ms. Dayrit comes from a family of educators in Pozorrubio and is the daughter of former Pozorrubio High School principal, Mr. Numeriano Vinluan, and longtime Pozorrubio Central School teacher, Ms. Lelis Olarte-Vinluan. She loves to assist children of Pozorrubio, and has been donating books for schools in town. She came up with a website, with the web-developing support of this writer, to assist children in their studies. She is based in Kansas City.

The P10,000-award was donated by Mr.& Mrs. Alfredo Almeron, active Pozorrubians in mainland USA.

All expensive plaques, eight of them (including those for the speakers) were purchased in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and personally brought to Pozorrubio via plane travel by the SPA Batch 64 Alumni Organization president, Gin. S. Quesada. Plaques, specially-framed, and foldered certificates were donated by Quesada eTechnologies.

(More details of the profiles of above major awardees, including the rest of the 10 contestants and 5 judges will be published in subsequent articles).

There were 10 entries and awards were grouped into 3 categories: major awards, which are the ones mentioned above; special awards, 3 of them; and consolation prizes, 4 of them.

Special Awards

Special Awards, each consisting of a certificate in specially hand-crafted frame from Saudi Arabia and a P2,000 cash, went to:

  • Dr. Francisco Raul D. Salvador, a.k.a. ‘Rod Avlas’ for his piece, ‘The Etiology of a Community Malady’;
  • Dr. Jacinto Cabero, Jr., a.k.a. ‘Dr. Jake’, for his piece, ‘More Than Fair’;
  • Ma. Christina Calachan, a.k.a. ‘Marvelous Charm’, for her piece, ‘Rungs of Victory: Furthering Pozorrubio’s Progressinve Steps Amidst Silent Blows’.

Consolation Prizes

Consolation Prizes, each consisting of a certificate in a special folder from Saudi Arabia and a P2,000 cash, were awarded to:

  • Mr. Heriberto A. Bautista, a.k.a. ‘Hab’, for his entry, ‘Leading the Pozorrubians to Economic ans Social Upliftment’;
  • Ms. Ma. Christina Angelina T. Rivera, a.k.a. ‘Maica’ for her entry, ‘Pozorrubio, Our Dreamland’;
  • Ms. Vanessa Rance, a.k.a. ‘Yhan’ for her entry, ‘Good Motivation, Better Economy’; and
  • Ms. Alicia M. Cabero, a.k.a. ‘Asyana’, for her entry, ‘AURA and SWOT Analysis, Tools of Good Leadership’

For a tabulated result of the judges’ combined decision, please clickhere to download table.

First Place Awardee,
Dra.Blesilda dela Rosa Salvador
Second Place Awardee,
Mr. Emiliano Jovellanos

Third Place Awardee, Ms Lucrea O. Vinluan-Dayrit, represented by Ms.Gemma Salcedo
1st Place Donors, The Camorongans
and The Quesadas
2nd Place Donors, The Elenos 3rd Place Donors, The Almerons
Major Sponsor, Donor, Project Originator:
Quesada eTechnologies (QueTech)
In the photo: Ms. Engracia S. Quesada, Administrator of QueTech and most active of the SPA Batch 64 members.
The Director-Philippines and Vice-President, Ms Minerva Alcaide-Caburnay, a columnist and broadcast journalist. Ms Alcaide was also a co-emcee during the event, with Mr. Joseph Bacani, a columnist of Star Tribune. The Judges: Ms. Jing Villamil (second from left , second row), Kgwd. Dennis C. Uy, Mr, Moises F. Tinio, Jr.. and Ms. Leah Desamito-Santiago posing with Mayora Emma T. Chan, along with winners, and organizers.

Special Award, Dr. Raul Salvador Special Award, Dr. Jacinto Cabero, Jr. Special Award, Ms. Ma.Christina Calachan
Consolation Prize, Mr. Heriberto A. Bautista Consolation Prize, Ms. Ma. Christina T. Rivera (Representative) Consolation Prize, Ms.Alicia M. Cabero
Consolation Prize, Ms. Vanessa Rance Guests from other towns, Dra. Catalina Felicitas, Mr. Erwin Fernandez (Ulupan na Pansiansay Salitan Pangasinan), Mr.Joseph Bacani (Weekly Guardiian), posing with Winners Mr. Mel Jovellanos (3rd from left) and Mr. Heriberto Bautista (rightmonst), and Engr & Mrs. Gin. Quesada After the Awarding Ceremony, all attendees shared a present for the birthday celebrant of the day, no other than the prime-mover of the writing contest project, Mr.Gin. S. Quesada. Gift is a hearty lunch prepared by his loving wife, Mrs. Engracia S. Quesada given at Harana Restaurant.

For photos of the other donors, please clickhere to download photos.


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