Gabaldon Burns!

Written by jing villamil and jansen chan

It was the turn of the third to the last entry of the Street Dancing Competition in celebration of the 140th Founding Anniversary and Town Fiesta when the alarm went out. Nasusunog ang SPA! Nasusunog ang simbahan! Nasusunog and gym!

It was neither of the three. It was the Gabaldon Building of the Pozorrubio Central School beginning to feed on itself into one great bonfire.

At the time, almost everybody was too intent on the ongoing play of colors and the thumping of the drums. Only a few of the crowd were usi enough to leave the Plaza; getting up would mean losing   precious claim on seat or space too scanty as it was. The Pergola here and now was more interesting.

Former Mayor Art gestured with both hands palms down, the universal sign for calm down, continue with what you do, we’ll take care of this, we’ll be back as soon. He and Mayor Emma leave their one-year old apo with a judge then proceed to exit as calmly as half-running feet can. Awesomely, those who were left behind did just that, as trustingly as the apo. The judges pick up their pencils, organizers continue organizing all living and non-living things. Balikbayans, guests, and crowd turn their eyes back to the dancers who were, it seemed, the only ones never losing a pulsebeat of the rhythm and dance.

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