Aurora Mendoza leads in 1st canvassing for Ms Pozorrubio 2010

Written by jVillamil

The heat is on! During the 1st Canvassing of the  Search for Ms Pozorrubio 2010 held last Friday evening, December 4 2009 at the Plaza Pergola , Candidate Mrs. Aurora Catindig-Mendoza of the Pozorrubians of Barangay Rosario, USA and Canada registered a combined total of P45,150 from the sale of her 1st and 2nd Box.

Teacher Edna Ricarde-Cariño, wife of Manaol Punong-Barangay Diomedes Carino, came in second with P20,000. Madam Cariño represents the DepEd family, the Local Government Unit (LGU), LIGA ng mga Barangay, PWERSA (Pozorrubio Workers and Employees Resource and Services Association), and the Non-Government Organizations    (NGOs).

Candidate Dorie Medina O’Hara-Pringle of Espiritu St., Poblacion, Pozorrubio and Scotland, UK sold her boxes for P13,400.

Aurora Catindig-Mendoza Edna Ricarde-Carino Dorie Medina-O’Hara-Pringle

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