ENTRY #05: “Rungs of Victory: Furthering Pozorrubio’s Progressive Steps Amid Silent Blows”

Written by “Marvelous Charm”

Below article is ENTRY #05 for the “First Pozorrubio Essay/Expository Writing Contest 2010” jointly sponsored by SPA Batch 64 Alumni (http://spa64.quesadatech.com) and Quesada eTechnologies (http://www.quesadatech.com). Winners will be announced during the Awarding Ceremony on January 14, 2010, Pozorrubio Municipal Building.

Thinkers of the old times had discovered different fields of knowledge that contributed to the modern time’s advancement, making human life a little easier, cozier, entertaining, faster, and most especially, complicated. Whether we admit it or not, we now find ourselves living in a world where fast-paced complex lifestyle prevails. Yet, in spite of all these human aspirations—be it something small like having a stable job or a more universal pursuit as making life possible in the outer space, we all fall back on the same bottom line: the need for a better place to live in. A place where there is equality, equity, progress, justice and peace.

We are all given a short time on earth not just to “take up space” as Rick Warren says who authored the famous book Purpose- Driven Life. We are not here only to act and produce, but also to ponder over things that are yet to be improved. “If you were given the chance to be the chief executive of your town, what would you do?” remains a question boggling the minds of those people who have hearts to make a difference at the very grounds of their place of birth.  The small town being the place where we adapted our culture, values, and principles, might exactly be the representation of the kind of lifestyle we’re living. Our small town then may actually be a microcosm of our country—a representation of what kind of nation we are. The same word then must motivate us on moving toward the future. Victory is how it’s spelled.

Double-click here to view full article in PDF format. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.


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