ENTRY #02: “The Etiology of a Community Malady”

Written by “Rod Avlas”

Below article is ENTRY #02 for the “First Pozorrubio Essay/Expository Writing Contest 2010” jointly sponsored by SPA Batch 64 Alumni (http://spa64.quesadatech.com) and Quesada eTechnologies (http://www.quesadatech.com). Winners will be announced during the Awarding Ceremony on January 14, 2010, Pozorrubio Municipal Building.

The malady of today’s society is man’s insensitivity, callousness and indifference to the welfare of the less fortunate and the marginalized people. There is a big discrepancy on wealth among the population where in the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The poorest among the poor suffers most in time of disasters and calamities and even in normal times.

To quote our town mayor in her first state of the municipality address “- the single, most important factor that makes or breaks a unit, spells its success or failure …. is governance.”  The unit she is referring to in the quoted statement is the family and the community.  Since time immemorial the perpetual challenge to our government is how to improve the quality of life of the ordinary or marginalized people. But how do we measure quality of life? It is sometimes difficult to measure this. Economists, technocrats and social scientists employ economic


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