ENTRY #01: “Leading the Pozorrubians to Economic and Social Upliftment”

Written by “Hab”

Below article is ENTRY #01 for the “First Pozorrubio Essay/Expository Writing Contest 2010” jointly sponsored by SPA Batch 64 Alumni (http://spa64.quesadatech.com) and Quesada eTechnologies (http://www.quesadatech.com). Winners will be announced during the Awarding Ceremony on January 14, 2010, Pozorrubio Municipal Building.

If given the opportunity to lead the local government of  Pozorrubio the first thing that comes to mind is the motto I got from the Jaycess International which says that “service to humanity is the best work of life”, and the Rotary International which says “service above self”, and from former President Manuel L. Quezon’s, “a public office is a public trust.”

This involves good governance which means involving the people because governance is not only the sole responsibility of leaders who govern but also the followers or the people being governed. Good governance cannot be a one – way traffic but two ways – both governor and the governed.

It is often said the if we want to progress above the usual and ordinary as individual, town or nation we need leaders who can move and inspire people and with political will to fight and overcome poverty and rise above themselves.


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