Pepeng flood victims thank Las Vegas Reunion 2009 of Pozorrubians in USA and Canada

by JVillamil

The reunion of the Pozorrubions of USA and Canada was not just an annual get-together of sankalilian, schoolmates and batchmates, relatives, barkadas, and best-friends-forever. It was also a meeting of kind-hearted souls who never forgot the town and the people they left behind (Read Ms Agnes Mendoza-Gupana’s personal account of the event).

This year’s reunion had no other than Mayor Emma Zosima Chan for special guest and speaker. Not only did Mayor Emma brought with her the latest news of Pozorrubio happenings including Pepeng and his 3 landfalls. She also shared her dreams and plans for the town which she aims to fulfill to complete, to continue for the rest of whatever is left of her term.

But most significant of all, by her very presence, she lent a much-appreciated genuine touch of the far and familiar to the homesick Pozorrubians.

Mayor Emma came home with $2,000 dollars-worth of love and care to the victims of the supertyphoon. Immediately upon her return, this aid was converted to goods and foodstuff which the Mayor and  the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office under Joy-Ann Veniegas and her staff distributed at the lobby of the Municipal Executive Building last Thursday, November 19, 2009 to victims in the most-affected barrangays.

The inset picture enlarged shows, from left to right: Jose Sandoval, Manny/Corrie Saplan, Annie Estaris (Dr. Raul Estaris’ wife), Edna Buentipo Rillera, Rosie Ritualo (Sammy Ritualo’s wife), Aurora Ritualo (Ed Ritualo’s wife), Mayor Emma Chan, Ed Ritualo (partly hidden), Agnes Mendoza-Gupana, Fred/Portia Bartonico (nee Bautista), Ofelia Cruz-De Guzman, Alegria Estrada-Bacerdo, Renato  De Guzman (partly hidden).

Front Row: Sammy Ritualo, Turner Bautista, Dr. Raul Estaris.


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