The Beautiful And Historical Places Of Pozorrubio

Written by Dr. Jacinto C. Cabero, Jr.


Municipality of Pozorrubio

(Dr. Jacinto C. Cabero, Jr. is Principal II of Nantangalan Elementary School – Webmaster)

History does not repeat itself. But we must know the history to understand the future.

The history  of Pozorrubio could also be known by way of looking back at the significant existing markers or places and studying the story  behind it. These historical markers are as follows:

The improvement and the new – look of the Municipal Hall was made possible during the term of Mayor Artemio Q. Chan. It is located within the Original “cuatro calles pueblo” of Pozorrubio. It was surrounded by what we now call Caballero St. Penoy St. Sison St., and Rizal St.

The old Municipal Building (Gumaca Type) was built during the Administration of Don Florentino Magno (1922-1928).

In 1939 the foundation of a small church called “visita Y Ermita in Barrio Claris were laid down which was later finished in 1842. Spanish priests from San Jacinto used to come to officiate / say masses.
When Pozorrubio  became an independent town on January 13, 1870, and became an independent parish, a temporary church (the first one) was built in the areas site at Cablong (now the town proper) after it was transferred from the original site at Claris now barrio Amagbagan). The new church was blessed on July 26, 1879 by Fr. Julian Lopez. Sta Filomena was chosen its patroness.


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