Typhoon relief pours from Pozorrubians and friends!

Written by jVillamil

When the mid-thigh to sometime neck-high floodwaters receded its rampaging fury to a slow stop, Pozorrubio was a scene reflective of what you had been staring at raptly on screen since Ondoy – dark chocolaty mudmix drying then draping everything with throat-choking sticky, itchy sand. It caked fields, grains, streets and feet; it matted floors, walls, furniture, food stocks and clothes.


As reported previously, immediately the day after Pepeng swept through Pozorrubio, 1000 relief aid in family packs were released to the barangays hit the hardest. As of today, October 22, the Local Government Unit under the personal initiative of Mayor Emma Chan through its working arm, the Municipal Social Welfare Department (MSWD), was able to distribute 3,217 of the said packs. Each pack contained (with some variation) rice, sardine/tuna tins, noodles, coffee, milk, sugar.


Clickhere for more details and photos of Pepeng Relief-1.pdf

Donations, Pepeng relief 2.pdf


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