Pozorrubio escapes Pepeng’s two landfalls; but not the third!

by jVillamil

villapozorrubio-0ct82009-5pm-158x106Gold-tipped stalks waved from the fields. The farmers would have reaped an unprecedented harvest.

On October 8, 2009 from midmorning through the rest of the day and night, 650 hectares of riceland was reportedly inundated by waves and waves of floodwaters rushing down neighboring mountains and all the open floodgates of the San Roque dam.

Pepeng did not distinguish the villages from the fields. Floodwaters swirled and surged from knee-deep to chest-high. Fearing for their safety, 2,350 families from 11 barangays or roughly 11, 350 persons sought refuge in their barangay schools. 67 families or 450 persons, mostly from Villa Pozorrubio, were brought to the Municipal Gym. Only the big dump trucks could navigate the sea rolling through the narrow streets of the subdivision.

For full stories and photos, click links below:


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