Dorie O’Hara-Pringle of Scotland confirms candidacy for Ms Pozorrubio Town Fiesta 2010!

by JVillamil, posted by QueTech

pringle-New-149x192One of the prospective candidates for Ms Pozorrubio Town Fiesta gave her nod to joining the annual search for hometown queen as early as the month of August. Through the internet yet!

It did not take much to persuade the lady; Dorie is one of the ever-increasing number of Pozorrubians who believe and trust in the leadership of the present administration. She is willing to lend a hand, to be of help. She would even go through the length of appealing to other Pozorrubians and their friends to do the same. All to a good cause. And there is no better cause than the town and the people she calls her home.

Below is Dorie’s appeal to all Pozorrubians in the United Kingdom of Scotland, Ireland and England. And if possible, Europe even!

My name is Adoracion Medina. My married name is Dorie O’Hara-Pringle. I am a seasonal resident of

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