Malokiat Bridge is now under construction!

THEN, the frail but still serviceable Malokiat Bridge was waiting patiently in line for restoration/rehabilitation. The unwelcome visit of the supertyphoon Cosme way back in 2007 changed the situation drastically. After Cosme, the bridge practically begged for attention.

Last July, under the combined initiative of the Provincial Government under Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. and the Local Government Unit under Mayor Emma Zosima T. Chan, construction of the bridge began with an initial budget of P2.5 million.

In four months, which is the target date of completion estimated by Project Engineer Perfecto Laroya of the Provincial Engineering Office, the residents of Malokiat and barangays farther beyond on their way to-and-from farm to market, shall cross a troubled bridge no longer.

The restored bridge makes possible easier accessibility to Pozorrubio and other surrounding baley – at less cost, lesser bother and shorter time travel even during rainy season when the water of the Angalacan River surges high from the swollen Bued River and other tributaries.

Details in photos, clickhere


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