Medical mission as tribute to Dad Julie

by JVillamil

DesamitoStreamer-250x187The late COMELEC Commisioner, Atty Julio F. Desamito celebrated his last birthday in Pozorrubio. He never got to leave. He died hours after, lending credence to his claim that, however far and whatever height his fate soared, his hometown kept calling him back. The umbilical cord was too strong.

Thus, on the weekend of July  25-26, 2009, the Desamito kids paid tribute to the 77th Birthday Anniversary of their Dad Julie and to the Pozorrubians whom their father held close to his heart. Not by holding a party where tummies get full for  just a meal; but, through a Surgical, Medical and Dental Mission after which the unwell can hold on to life more than a while longer, more than a while better.

The mission was conducted in partnership with the Pozorrubio Local Government Unit, St. Jude Parish, Pozorrubio Redwell Jaycees, Pozorrubio High School Batch ’78 and ’80 and in tandem with the Rotary Club of San Francisco Del Monte.

Click links below for photos:


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