Report on the State of Municipality of Pozorrubio-2009

by Mayoral Staff

Address delivered by Hon. Mayor Emma Zosima T. Chan
Mayor of Pozorrubio, Pangasinan
July 8, 2009, at the Executive Building Function Hall

“Reverend Father Teofilo Calicdan, Vice Mayor Reynaldo Reyes and members of the Sangguniang Bayan, my better-half former Mayor Art Chan, DepEd family, senior citizens, KALIPI, BHW, BNS and all NGOs, Barangay Officials, National and Municipal employees, PNP, BFP, guests, our Balikbayans, friends, ladies and gentlemen … a blessed morning.

I thank you for your presence this morning. For the third time, I stand here to deliver a report on the state of our municipality of Pozorrubio. The first report was on October 18, 2007 – the First 100 Days of my administration. The second report was a year ago – the SOMA 2008. I believe beyond doubt that these reports are a must; the people have the right to be informed about the state of their town, and their leaders have the duty to provide that information.

The SOMA was based primarily on the true and complete Annual Performance Reports of all the departments of the municipality. After you have listened to this report, then and only then can you and I make an honest evaluation of the “shape of our ship” under my steerage as your captain of two years.

Have I and my officers steered our ship to the right direction which is in accordance with the map drawn by the Vision and inspired by the Mission of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Pozorrubio? Have we fulfilled our promise of continuing the progress and development of our town, an almost impossible feat eleven years ago but which our former Mayor Art Chan had nevertheless managed to achieve through the magnanimity of his time in nine (9) years?

Click links below for continuation of the address:


SOMA 2009 BOOK 1a.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1b.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1c.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1d2.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1e2.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1f.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOk 1g.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1g2.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1h.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1h2.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1i.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1i2.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1j.pdf

SOMA 2009 BOOK 1k.pdf


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