Pozorrubio SOMA salutes the true heroes of the town

by JVillamil

In her Report to the People delivered last Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Mayor Emma Zosima T. Chan gave due recognition to the good people of Pozorrubio mayora-166x150here and abroad for the 14.05 % increase in the income of this mainly agricultural town. In spite of the threat of recession prevailing the world over and in the local front, the town’s income from all sources registered 88 million plus in Calendar Year 2008, from 77 million plus in CY 2007, a mere 11 million plus short to citihood.

That is, if the town’s collection maintains the trend for three years more. For the meantime, Mayor Emma told her people to sit back and “enjoy being a peaceful and progressive 1st Class town” a little bit longer.

With no major tourist attraction and no large-scale industry to boost the local economy, Mayor Chan credited this impressive performance record not only to good governance but also to the Pozorrubian migrants, emigrants and overseas workers who showed their trust and confidence in her administration by generously supporting, not only their own families, but also the programs and projects of the LGU of Pozorrubio.

She quoted the result of an intelligence study commissioned by Western Union, the remittance cartel, before a conference held in Makati Shangri-la last May, the result of which was published in the Phillipine Daily Inquirer on May 29. In the study, only one community in the Philippines was cited for having an LGU able to encourage and harness its overseas residents to make collective remittances not only to support their families but also to raise funds for the development of their town. This one community is Pozorrubio.

The only other community is in Mexico.

“And as in the song, Dahil sa Iyo,” she said, “all these are Dahil Sa Inyo,” and she went on to enumerate the taxpayers, the business people, the ordinary employee and citizens who performed their obligations religiously and “buong katapatan”. Also included in the list were her fellow public servants, the department heads and employees with special mention of the income-generators and managers who worked honestly, efficiently and effectively to perform the range of their duties and responsibilities.

In the next breath, she thanked the Sangguniang Bayan for passing the implementing laws that facilitated the delivery of goods and services to the people.

Unlike her SOMA 2007 which was wholly delivered in English, Mayor Chan delivered SOMA 2008 in equal dose of English and Pilipino.

After the Pambansang Awit and again before and after her report, a video of the Pozorrubio Hymn sang by District 11 principals and selected teachers and conducted by District Supervisor Dr. Rolando Amansec provided everyday glimpses of Pozorrubio and its people. During the report, Power Point flashed on the screen on-site pictures of the major development projects of the LGU and the annual performance achievements of the different departments including numerical data. These clarification or emphasis on minute details lent the usual impressive support to Mayor Chan’s report as were done in last year’s SOMA and the First 100 Days’ in Office.

She enumerated the infrastructure projects that were done during the second year of her administration to continue the face-lift of the Poblacion, to include the 34 barangays in the progress and development of the whole town and to bring the various economic services of the LGU (roads, agriculture, market, livelihood) to the “corner of the farthest barangays”. She elaborated more lengthily on the Local Government Unit’s activities in response to the people’s social needs (education, health and social welfare).

She assured her people that the one-and-only debt that the town has incurred, the Public Market Phase 1 and 2, is being paid on schedule and will soon be paid in full. It is to be noted that the town’s various infrastructure projects are debt-free, having been funded by municipal funds, congressional funds, the annual Search for Ms Town Fiesta, balikbayan contributions, donations from the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce through Provincial Board Member Danny Uy and former Mayor Art Chan and other friends of Pozorrubio.


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