Reunion of Pozorrubians in Las Vegas

We are inviting Pozorrubians to participate in a reunion of Pozorrubians in Las Vegas. Reunion will be held  in November 5 – 8, 2009 at the Suncoast Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. We encourage Kabaleyans to come, the more the merrier.

If you decide to attend the reunion, please make your hotel reservation as soon as possible and use code 9POZORR ( or call 1-866-636-7111). Deadline for hotel reservation

is 10/6/09 (rate: Thursday, Nov. 5: $60; Friday, Nov. 6: $120; Saturday, Nov. 7: $120). We suggest, if possible, let’s all stay in one hotel, para mas masaya – less travel for everybody.


Details will follow so check your mail/e-mails regularly, and in these websites:

Please get in touch with the following organizers for more information:

  • Agnes Mendoza-Gupana:, (630) 779-7141
  • Portia Bautista-Bartonico:, (832) 545-2720
  • Ofelia Cruz-De Guzman:, (604) 432-6365
  • Ed Ritualo:, (619) 428-1285, (619) 261-1285
  • Turner Bautista:, (630) 888-9994
  • Jun Sandoval:, (580) 647-8954
  • Nelson Pondivida:
  • Manny Saplan:, (909) 595-7284, (909) 576-6059
  • Sammy Ritualo:, (707) 642-6764

Regards to all,
Agnes Mendoza-Gupana.


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