Writing Contest of SPA Batch 64 and Quesada Technologies launched

by Amy Libao / Vilma Quesada

project-presntn-morepeople-160x120St. Philiomena’s Academy’s Alumni Batch 64 (a.k.a. SPA Batch 64) and Quesada eTechnologies have finally launched their Essay/Expository Writing Contest! The project was first bared during the Batch 64 first reunion last January, 2009 at Ginofreo and Engracia Quesada’s residence and at Paraiso Resort.  And in their mid-year re-union last May 17, 2009, at the Quesadas’ residence, the project had kicked-off.

In a presentation that was witnessed by the Batch’ s guests from the media, the Batch 64 president, Gin. S. Quesada, narrated how he came up with the project which was published in the Pozorrubio Online (www.pozorrubio.ph) since the middle part of 2008. He related that he mentioned the idea to his batchmates last January, 2009, who were then very optimistic to share in the efforts to bring it to fruition.

grouppicbatch64andguests-160x120Equipped with collapsible sceen, high powered and high-resolution projector that overpowered the light of the day, and a laptop, Gin Quesada explained that the goals of the writing contest was patriotic and Pozorrubian-centric, which goal was also his guiding paradigm since he started creating websites for Pozorrubio in 1999. As the Contest result will benefit Pozorrubians, he thought of sharing with his former classmates the project’s development and the privilege to bring benefit to fellow Pozorrubians.

Explained were 2 categories of the writing contest: essay/expository and hymn composition in the dialects. The awarding will be done during the week-long town fiesta in 2010. First prizes will P30,000, second prizes, P20,000; 3rd prizes, P10,000, plus consolation prizes. Considering the fact that there is not enough time to hold the 2 categories, and that it is the Batch’ first time to hold a project, he might decide on June 16, 2009 whether to postpone the hymn composition to a later date. He said, he would like to see what happens with the implementation of first category contest first. Though, if possible, he would like it started now so the Batch can spearhead the advocacy of the revival of the Pangasinan dialect in the town.

As for the 3 major prizes for the essay/expository writing contest, donors had volunteered already, he said. His family will donate the first prize, and Teresita Banda and Gamaliel Eleno, Jr (now husband and wife)volunteered to give the second and 3rd prizes. The Elenos who were calling by phone from Hawaii during this May 17 re-union at the Quesada residence were also talking to each of their classmates present in the reunion. And in their conversation with Gin, they signified their willingness to  donate the second prize and take care of looking for the donor of the 3rd prize. She was eyeing her cousin Pozorrubio Queen.

A batchmate, Ernesto Camorongan, who is a retiree of San Miguel Brewery, volunteered to give the first prize for the second category. The group were also thinking of Alfredo Almeron, who was present in the January, 2009 re-union to take care of the other prizes.

Details of the contest will be seen first in the SPA Batch 64 website: http://spa64.quesadatech.com and subsequently in the other websites: www.quesadatech.com , www.pozorrubio.ph (Pozorrubio Online) . www.pozorrubio.net.ph (LGU website) and www.kapozokonline.com and Pozorrubio Blog site and Kapozok Online Blog site.

There were 23 Batch ‘64 members who were able to come. Some of those who came this May 17 were not present during the January re-union. Present were: Minerva Alcaide-Caburnay (Vice president of the Batch), Remedios Paragas-Estaris (Business Manager), Engracia Salcedo-Quesada (Secretary), Lita Ferrer-Nisperos (Treasurer), Romulo Carig (Seargent-at-Arms), Conrado Tabajonda, Roberto Viloria, Ernesto Camorongan, Fely Tambot-Camorongan, Zoraida Tambot, Benita Ramirez, Maxima Molina, Josepina Lopez, Amado Alvarado, Victoria Salcedo, Alfonso Lopez, Manuel Castillo, Jesus Gonzalez,Timoteo Oligan, Lolita Calimlim, ___.

Visitors and friends from the media who came were – Joseph Bacani (Weekly Guardian), Mel Jovellanos (Weekly Star Tribune), Marifi Jara, Julie Ann Arogante and daughter Kaye, Jocelyn dela Cruz with daughter Alexa (Sunday Punch). Our very own Minnie Alcaide-Caburnay is also active media practitioner being columnist of Global Sunday Chronicle and announcer at Aksyon Radio in Dagupan City.

Pasalubong and give-aways were distributed by the hosts (Gin and Engracia) to fellow Batchmates. Dates from Saudi Arabia were brought home intentionally by Gin for his classmates. He also distributed the family’s compilation of oldies reflecting songs during the Batch’ high school days burned in CDs with decorative labels.


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