Hubbie of a Pozorrubian releases first novel

by Gin Quesada

Richard Thomas Banegas

Richard Thomas Banegas

With the publication of his first novel, another author has again brought inspiration to lots of aspiring writers with no formal training nor collegiate education in this field. Richard Thomas Banegas, the husband of a Pozorrubian has come out with his first novel, Hands of Fire /the Phantom.  Moved by the tragic death of his brother in the Amtrak train, he committed to do something beyond his powers. He had no previous writing skills at that time, but after many years of painstaking study, research and continual burning of the midnight oil, his first novel, Hands of Fire / the Phantom Body, was published and released  by Publish America and is available online at  Publish America, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and other online bookstores.

Click on link below to view more details about the novel:

In his request for endorsement from friends, Richard writes,

“In late 2001, my brother William was killed by an Amtrak train in a small central valley town in California. At his burial, the priest gave the last blessing as an eerie silence surrounded me. A moment later, the whistle of a train blew passing close by. It was so quiet after that, I felt alone haunted by the experience.  Years before, I had promised William I would accomplish something more than what I thought I could be. I reaffirmed that commitment again on that day. With no formal training, I began my long journey, reading, studying, doing research and background work, burning the midnight oil, night after night. I continued my commitment even on days I had no interest on writing.

Today, with the release of my first novel, I am happy to announce I have kept my promise.   But now,  I need your help to complete my journey.  Please forward  this email to your friends and family members.. Thank you – Richard Thomas Banegas” .

Hoping fellow Pozorrubians around the world, as well as their relatives and friends, patronage Richard’s book.

(Aay, salamat, Bayaw, you gave me an idea and inspiration! Am already in my twilight years, and I haven’t come up with anything yet inspite of my big collection of ‘how-to’s’ on writing. I would be more interested in the prelude stage that brought the novel than the novel itself. He-he! Hoping you can share Pozorrubians your story of this prelude.) ~ gsq


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