The Merry Month of May

by jvillamil

picture1-200x149IT IS NEVER EASY to break ties with tradition. Especially when the tradition had always sparked a burst of fond memories. Like fireworks. In the skies. In the hearts.

Today and tonight, it is May 11 relived. Years ago, today and tonight was the eve, if not the day itself, of the town fiesta of Pozorrubio. Until the town fiesta was re-assigned to the second week of January.

Today and tonight, the town will again make merry. It may not be the Founding Day. It may not be the Town Fiesta 2009. It is being festive in May!

After the Monday Flag Ceremony and just before the short parade along the town’s main streets, Mayor Emma delivers a pep and a thank you speech before the municipio officials and employees, heads and staff of the National Offices, Liga ng mga Barangay, NGOs, KALIPI, Senior Citizens, Barangay Health Workers, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Day Care Workers, religious organizations, representatives from the Public and Private schools.


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